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Proof of Deletion

Anonymized proof with NFT

DeleteYourData NFT

We create a Non-Fungible Token for successful data deletion requests if the following three conditions are met:

  1. You purposefully and willfully disclose your data deletion issue to us.
  2. We can authenticate with an attorney in your jurisdiction.
  3. You authorize use a public key of a key pair that you own to encrypt your email.

NFTs are created with Ethereum and contain proof of the following three claims:

  1. A signature from each of the Neon Law Foundation and a supervising attorney.
  2. A 4-part claim that the account owner from step 3 successfully deleted their data: the data_processor; when the data was deleted_at; what jurisdiction the data was deleted from; and schemas about what form of data was deleted from the processor (e.g. 'email', 'name', 'ssn'). None of your personal information will be included in this claim.
  3. Your encrypted email address, encrypted by the key you authorize us for in step three of the previous list.

After creating the token, we will delete all data pertaining to your successful data deletion request except where prohibited by law.

Why NFTs

NFTs give the public the opportunity to view real results about how data deletion requests are responded to, perfect for those that want to see transparency in privacy accountability. Our non-profit uses DeleteYourData NFTs as guiding evidence on how we further our mission and improve