Platform Onboarding

To begin conversing with an attorney on this platform, you will need to be onboarded in three steps. Retainer, Payment and Scheduling.


Our network of attorneys volunteer their time below cost in support of our [mission](/neon-law-foundation#mission).


We ask for a minimum $10 donation (tax deductible) to hire counsel for data deletion through

***Note: we offer no warranty with regard to how long each data removal process will take as we are a non-profit, and turnaround time will ultimately depend on the responsiveness and efficiency of the platforms/services we will submit requests/demands for data deletion to.

<summary>Why do we have fees as a nonprofit?</summary>
Our volunteer attorneys ask for this retainer in large part because this is frontier legal work and we need
your explicit understanding that you consent to our <a href="/privacy-policy">Privacy Policy</a>,&nbsp; <a
href="/terms-of-service">Terms of Service</a> and <a href="/recursion">Recursion</a> rules. This fee also covers
legal liability insurance (which for frontier legal work is expensive), and our staff who turn anonymized and
aggregated insight into the legal information here on
We understand that this maybe not affordable for everyone. The more data deletions we do the cheaper this service
will be. Further, we hope that the legal information on this website is sufficient for your needs.

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