How to: Delete Your Data From Apple

It's close to impossible to keep your IPhone from tracking you completely, but you can limit the amount of information the device tracks with a few relatively easy steps. 

Turn off app tracking

If you weren't dilligent when you first downloaded apps onto your phone, those apps may be tracking you. To adjust this you need to complete the following steps.
>Go to Settings
>Scroll down and you should see a long list of apps
>Click on one
>If you see Location Services, you can adjust them
>Anytime you see Always under location, you should make sure you want that app to always know where you are and adjust if needed. See an example below.

Check your privacy settings

You can also see every app that tracks your data in one place and stop the phone itself from tracking your data.
>Go to Settings
>Click Privacy and find a page similar to the one below

>Click Location Services and find a page similar to this one

>Scroll down to see a list of apps that are tracking you, optionally toggle Location Services to stop all apps from tracking you (this will cause apps like maps to no longer function)
>Scroll down to the very bottom for System Services

>Click Significant Locations
>Enter your password
>Turn this feature off and optionally clickClear History

Final note

All of these options can be scaled up and down depending on what balance you want between privacy and convenience. Apps and services that you no longer use and don't have any interest in financially supporting may still be making money from your data. Keep that in mind and delete your data whenever possible.
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